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Amplify Your ROI – Follow the Money!

“Marketing as a Revenue Driver” is Key to Digital Success

Executives are re-envisioning marketing efforts as true revenue drivers by drawing direct correlations between channel performance and business growth. As a result of empowering marketing professionals, sales leaders, and other stakeholders to research and implement innovative, software-driven marketing platforms, companies leveraging these new tools gain extraordinary ROI visibility.

More than $1.7 trillion is spent every year on marketing and communications worldwide, and digital marketing practices are significantly disrupting the established balance of power. Entrepreneurs covet trillion-dollar industries undergoing reinvention; considering that the traditional advertising model of reaching and influencing customers continues to command over $600 billion, opportunities for impactful marketplace advancements abound, due to the frequent introduction of new, forward-thinking platforms.

Innovations in technologies that emphasize marketing driving revenue, when combined with the liquidity event opportunities found within robust M&A and IPO sectors, are now attracting enthusiastic investors. Reinforcing and promoting this attractive market cycle for vendors, there’s still plenty of opportunity available for discovery and implementation of technological and strategic advancements.

Promoting Marketing as a Revenue Driver also engenders a more attractive market environment and improved best practices. When marketing is viewed narrowly, as just an expense, cost controls can trigger unwarranted and ill-advised reductions in marketing spend. Aligning with revenue performance provides marketing professionals with the ability to promote their influence into top-line growth (a safer position in the food chain when companies are considering bottom line belt-tightening).

Measurable, data-driven ROI enables the construction of performance-based value propositions, providing for a wider range of business opportunities.