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Make Sure Your Marketing Strategy is Digitally Connected

Companies can realize significantly improved organizational efficiencies by implementing these three best practices for cultivating enriched digital connections: (1) the strategic gathering of information (both current and trending), (2) the targeted analysis of historical data, and (3) programmatic forecasting of future results. Honing these practices requires companies to possess a culture of agility, a broad-stroked technology strategy, and a real willingness to analyze and implement, sometimes disruptive, process improvement opportunities.

As technological and cultural advances continue to expand media distribution options, media planners will find unique value in utilizing new tools and methodologies to conduct these analyses. For improved forecasting accuracy, companies must make significant commitments and investments in “information-base” development and mining tools, to continually increase the rigor of their strategies.

In analyzing digital media performance results, forecasts predict significant growth from 2018 to 2019. Studies conducted by Forrester Research compare mobile, social media, and email marketing practices.

By 2017, forecasts show annual mobile marketing growth at 499%, social media growth at 315%, and email marketing growth at 164%. New “connected” digital devices, innovative service offerings, and improvements to existing technologies will continue to enhance and expand digital interactions, resulting in further increases in digital marketing growth.

These advanced digital marketing technologies provide for strategic interactions that are more efficient for both buyers and sellers, delivering significantly greater value than traditional marketing.

Improving marketing quality and efficiency advances an organization’s ability to effectively communicate, adapt, transact, and innovate, translating into increased productivity and greater competitiveness. For example, the advent of the Cloud infrastructure and high-performance wireless capacity created an explosion of innovative capabilities and new offerings. Seek out and embrace strategic “digital connections” to cultivate more meaningful client interactions, with increased efficiencies and improved quality of communications.