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Marketing Automation Strategy

While most companies have structured business units devoted to demand and revenue generation, very few have created the intermediate organizational layers required to identify the best leads and nurture them down the path to becoming customers.

Dan develops detailed marketing automation systems diagrams, measuring digital automation maturity, fine-tuning best practices, identifying road blocks, and revealing organization-wide opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Tactical Execution Roadmap

Research, development, and implementation are custom tailored to deliver highly strategic plans, empowering Dan’s clients with visibility to truly actionable analytics, comprehensive marketing best practices, and the most impactful content marketing development decisions possible.

A typical engagement for Marketing Automation Systems Analysis may include:

  • Cross-channel Strategy Audit
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Revenue Cycle Metrics
  • Funnel Performance
  • Lead Scoring & Nurturing
  • Lead to Opportunity Index
  • Buyer’s Journey Model Design
  • Multi-touch Attribution
  • KPI Discovery and Reporting
  • Testing/Learning/Fine-tuning
  • Performance Forecasting
  • Growth Modeling

Interim Marketing Leadership

Organizations needing temporary leadership expertise engage Dan to play key short-term roles in building their marketing systems, processes, and programs. From CMO to Director to Senior Advisory roles, Dan’s services can be quickly engaged on a project basis, or under retainer.

Having served on the board of directors of several high-tech companies, Dan delivers executive marketing leadership and vision, defining improved organizational structures and establishing interdepartmental process alignment.

Dan provides businesses with executive consulting services in the following specialties:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Decision Making
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Sales Effectiveness, CRM, & CSM
  • Revenue Cycle Metrics (ROI)
  • Best Practices Development
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Core Competency Growth
  • Goal-Driven Prioritization
  • Key Staff Building
  • Automation Maturity Analysis
  • Execution & Implementation

Content Audit

Gain comprehensive visibility to the entirety of your marketing content strategy, with a detailed audit of all current marketing channels and platforms. Dan aligns all existing video, internet, print, social, and event content with each target persona’s anticipated buying experience.

Gap Analysis

This detailed study is designed to reveal gaps in brand messaging and buyer engagement strategies, both according to buyer persona and by stage in the sales cycle, then prioritizes areas needing attention relative to their overall impact on revenue and profitability.

Dan leverages these studies to identify baseline key performance indicators, providing marketers with true success attribution perspective, as represented in a channel-by-channel lead-to-opportunity index.

Content Decisioning

The founder and lead developer of the StageRight SaaS platform, Dan assists companies in programmatically determining their optimum mix of content: exactly what buyer insights should be addressed, at what points in the sales cycle, on what platforms, and via which channels.

For a deeper dive into digital content decisioning, check out this video:

By leveraging select big data blended with historical performance metrics and voice-of-customer, Dan produces highly researched, consolidated persona sets, specifies trending, stage-specific content types, and segments development efforts into present, past, and on-deck lifecycles.

Lead Scoring Funnel Design

One key strategy in marketing automation centers around creating, measuring, and fine-tuning detailed lead scoring and nurturing programs that identify different persona types and move classes of prospects through the process of becoming customers.

As each prospect interacts with the brand, additional points are awarded, based on their behavior (what they do), demographics (who they are), and firmographics (who they work for). As points accrue, different marketing strategies are employed based on prospects attaining predetermined point thresholds.

Dan’s clients engage him to define these customized tactics, identify and implement programmatic testing processes, and improve their lead scoring funnel best practices, for both new and existing prospect lifecycles.

More rigorous funnel design results in significantly more accurate performance metrics and revenue forecasting.

By focusing on funnel performance, meaningful metrics that provide impactful influence on a company’s bottom line can be revealed. The key performance indicators that Dan uncovers include visibility to the balance of performance across channels, prospect flow from stage to stage of the sales cycle, prospect velocity (their speed through the funnel), and conversion to customer status.

Buyer Persona Development

T o produce and deliver relevant content that resonates with buyers, Dan performs in-depth research and development into custom classes of consolidated personas, each with its own delivery strategy, tailored lead scoring model, and intelligent content mapping.

In order to achieve the highest quality research results, Dan first conducts live interviews with his client’s prospects, including existing customers, competitors’ customers, or customers who are still undecided.

Dan then creates consolidations of buyer personas to provide more efficient, cross-industry marketing strategies. Buyers in varied types of businesses with similar priorities, barriers, or other criteria are combined into single personas, allowing for more agile, streamlined campaigns.

Buyer’s Journey Modeling

Once buyer personas are identified, consolidated, and prioritized, Dan introduces historical marketing program success metrics blended with current industry trends to advance the rigor of his analyses, programmatically modeling the most impactful content to develop next. This strategic visibility is designed to be ongoing, to continually understand the changing requirements in developing content unique to each set of consolidated buyer personas.

Delve Deeper into Dan’s Services

Innovative strategies, strong branding, and solid risk management.

Enlist Dan to provide insightful strategic planning and innovative best practices for automated content marketing. Strengthen your brand by engaging internal and external analyses of positioning, competition, and market conditions. Institute rigorous risk management processes with steering committee oversight into prioritization, business rhythm, and data-driven best practices.

Highly-detailed strategic execution blueprints.

To evaluate a company’s core competencies, Dan prepares a series of assessments and analyses designed to provide a deep understanding of company culture, automation readiness/maturity, and how current demand generation processes and practices are being performed. This review explores your company’s ideologies, clarifying core values, branding strategy, and mission statement. Long-term strategic planning provides further definition of your company’s value proposition, brand promise, and fundamental strategic anchors. These reports may include high-level views of innovative business strategies, defining your long-term BHAG, performing a SWOT analysis, executing a Hedgehog Assessment, and a Sandbox Study.

Some of the strategic planning and governance services Dan provides include:

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Automated, predictive lead acquisition strategies.

Dan specializes in helping companies assess capabilities, develop an effective lead generation strategy, organize resources and responsibilities, design and produce insightful marketing collateral, increase website traffic and functionality, develop meaningful public/analyst relations, understand diverse marketing automation options, implement highly-effective, data-driven demand generation programs, institute improved best practices, and reshape company culture.

Innovative success modeling for improved ROI visibilty.

Custom-tailored integrations enable your company's marketing automation systems to provide true insight into the balance of marketing performance across ALL touch-points, providing visbility into a continuously-updated lead-to-opportunity index. By leveraging historical multi-touch attribution data, this automated report demonstrates marketing successes, identifies failures, and provides an associated cost/performance ROI analysis, uncovering advanced metrics that underpin highly-improved forecasting projections.

Some of the lead generation services Dan provides include:

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Consultative selling, sales productivity, and winning CRM stratgies.

Over the past decade the sales and marketing process has shifted from long-understood roles to a confusing overlap, as the advent of the Internet has disintermediated most salespeople from the early and middle stages of the sales cycle. This shift now makes it Marketing’s responsibility to move a prospect through the buying cycle, handing off names to Sales only when they’ve become qualified, sales-ready leads.

Realize true sales and marketing alignment.

Marketing, therefore, must now focus on the redevelopment of processes, methodologies, content, and metrics to enable their companies to most effectively turn prospects into customers. Leads need to be cultivated, qualified, scored, nurtured, and matured in advance of being provided to the sales team.

Good leads should flow through quickly, while bad leads may be removed, and those in between nurtured (or recycled). This empowers salespeople to focus on selling, not prospecting, leading to a significantly greater quantity of qualified sales opportunities, with increased deal values and shorter times to close.

To achieve the benefits of this forward-thinking model, Dan assists companies in the redefining and clarifying of sales & marketing roles and responsibilities, establishes new, data-driven best practices, and researches strategic opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Some of the sales effectiveness and CRM services Dan provides include:

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Market research, enhancements, and new product innovation.

Engage Dan’s services to conduct cutting-edge market research, to enhance existing products, as well as to conceptualize, develop, and market new products. An initial maturity assessment is performed to determine existing project management practices and strategies. Resulting process diagrams demonstrate key areas of strength and weakness, revealing real opportunities for innovation and advancement.

Market segmentation is detailed on a buyer-persona level, resulting in highly targeted buying experiences. Further definition of optimum product positioning and automation strategies are provided through development of detailed market requirements documents.

From concept to conversion.

New product concepts undergo highly rigorous assessment and analysis. A product development evaluation matrix and sales forecasting analysis are performed to evaluate potential opportunities, alongside associated risks. More detailed competitive feature comparisons, GAP analyses, and profitability analyses are focused on the most promising products.

Next, a product development charter is created to sanity-check new concepts, and a comprehensive product requirements document is produced. Designation of product feature priorities accompany a product roadmap, development, and feature release schedule, while customer-facing staff are provided with feature request forms to ensure that customer feedback is incorporated into the process.

Product positioning and content marketing decision-making is performed to develop engaging, high-velocity messaging, and a product launch checklist ensures that optimum automation strategies and best practices are being leveraged.

Some of the product development and innovation services Dan provides include:

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Executive management, business consulting, and leadership services.

Leverage Dan’s wealth of real-world business experience to (1) deliver innovative, strategic marketing leadership, (2) re-define your company culture, and/or (3) kick-start your marketing efforts. With a focus on employee skills development, goal setting, succession planning, and retention, Dan provides expert services in new hiring best practices, internal communications, and executive leadership skills.

Establish monthly departmental and individual goals, company-wide.

As companies grow, job descriptions become increasingly formalized as roles and responsibilities for each team member mature. Dan performs skills assessments, performance reviews, and works with individual employees to diagram their target personal performance, career growth, and other business milestones.

Departmental goals are needed to evaluate performance against projections, to validate or discredit assumptions, and to assist in future projections. Succession planning needs to take into account individual goals in concert with company performance targets.

Dan utilizes state-of-the-art business tools to assess, analyze, and prioritize business efforts. Once priorities are clarified, many companies can benefit from a fine-tuning of their company rhythm. Finally, data-driven best practices are uncovered that systematically provide companies improved visibility to overall return-on-investment, more accurate forecasting, and a objective basis from which to move forward.

Some of the general management services Dan provides include:

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