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Impactful Experiences Define the New Brand Imperative

Designing Marketing Experiences (formerly known as Marketing Communications) is not just about creating, delivering, and measuring the success of brand identity and messaging campaigns, but now involves the crafting and choreographing of highly purposeful experiences. And this can get tricky.

The number of touchpoints between companies and their customers is huge, and still expanding. These measureable points of contact create the ability to track efforts within new and existing channels, across the entire customer lifecycle (even including marketing touchpoints embedded within products themselves). Each of these touchpoints offers marketers the opportunity to produce and/or facilitate them, individually and collectively.

This ever-expanding range of marketing influence represents an acceleration of marketing evolution that’s driving growth and development within the conceptual space of marketing software products and services. Leverage these tools to diagram, target, test, and fine-tune all of your envisioned customer experiences to realize (1) strategic market advantages (2) improved customer satisfaction and sales velocity, and (3) highly increased organizational efficiencies.

Implementing this strategic approach also generates interest (and more funding) from senior business executives looking to leverage new marketing technologies competitively. As marketing’s influence expands within an organization, it increasingly intersects more with sales, finance, customer service, information technology, legal, accounting, research and development, etc. Each one of these functional intersections offers businesses the opportunity to implement new capabilities and best practices, by utilizing state-of-the-art marketing software innovations.